Outsider Art under the Crescent Moon

30. March 2023 - 20. August 2023
Outsider Art under the Crescent Moon

With 25 artists, most of whom are from Iran and Morocco, Syria and Turkey, the exhibition Outsider Art under the Crescent Moon examines reflections on religion and culture in Outsider Art.

One focus in the exhibition is the work of Iranian artist Samaneh Atef (*1989 Bandar Abbas, lives in Lyon), who had to flee Iran in 2020 due to her art and her portrayal of women. In 2022 Samaneh Atef participated in the discussion “Dissident Artists in Exile” at documenta 15.

Terms such as “Art Brut” and “Outsider Art” emerged from a Eurocentric understanding of art with the notion of subversive, non-appropriated art as a counterpart to “art culturel”. Can these terms be applied to other cultures? How, in turn, is cultural diversity negotiated within Outsider Art?

The exhibition is the last in the trilogy The “Other” in Art, followingAntonio Ligabue – The Swiss Van Gogh (2019) and Crazy, Queer, and Lovable: Ovartaci (2019/2020).

Opening Wednesday, March 29th 2023, 18.30 Uhr

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In Switzerland, the exhibition “Outsider Art under the Crescent Moon” is the first to focus on Outsider Art from Islamic countries. Monika Jagfeld, director of the open art museum, talks about it in the podcast with Giuseppe Gracia.

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