collage – collection

24. March 2024 - 4. August 2024
collage – collection

All about collaging

To mark the donation of three object collages from the estate of the Freiburg artist Marc Moret (1943-2021), the open art museum will showcase collages and assemblages from its own collection. Eccentric figures such as Karl Uelliger’s Schüürlilüt, masterfully constructed sting instruments made from found materials by Max Goldinger, and larg-scale objects by Cuno Affolter (*1958) will be juxtaposed with delicate two-dimensional collages by Olag Bücheli (years of birth and death unknown), John Elsas (1851–1935), and Heidi Ehmke-Senn (1905–1962).

Like few other artistic techniques, collage embodies the ability to convey complex, nonlinear narratives and mental images. Using scraps of paper, textiles, photographs, parts of drawings and paintings, found objects from nature, and discarded items from our everyday world, artists create a wide-ranging, individual space for associations. Assembling fragments of our world opens up the boundaries of the artwork. The incidental and the everyday become valuable and meaningful.

Marc Moret takes this idea further: His works serve as meditations in memory of his family. He combines mementos of people he was close to with various collected objects such as animal bones, hair, and pieces of glass, and combines them with homemade glue into objects of personal devotion.